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Own your style.

   I loved this top at first sight, the style and literally everything. Couldn’t get my eyes off it soon as I saw the fur on it. My friend thought it was a little odd to like the top but I mean my style is my style and every other persons style should be just theirs. You have to learn […]

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Ss15 flares trending better in 2016

In these recent times, skinny trousers rarely cross my thoughts. I’m obsessed with flare pants, they have taken over. Now we see so many people at events rocking flare pants, they just do it better than skinny trousers at least for now , perhaps that might change later.     They are ss15 trends still trendy or better worn in 2016. […]

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Beauty of stripes 

Do you just wear striped cloths and just feel you have done very well with the outfit?? Now the thing with stripes, you need not to put in so much effort to make the outfit bang, it pretty much does the job in the sense that it keeps you looking elegant.     You can go wrong with stripes if you aren’t […]

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Story time 

      So I’m back to story time! There won’t be lifestlye post next week because my holiday is drawing to an end sadly but definitely stay tuned for style post. As you all know already I’m one of those people who trust to a fault and believes in giving opportunities and second Chances, trust me when I say I’ve […]