He is the reason for the season.

Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 It is even politically incorrect to say Merry Christmas to people these days (I do it anyway).  Society wants us to say Happy Holidays! It’s all too easy to get side-tracked with … Continue reading He is the reason for the season.


December~ wearing my wardrobe faves

Recently, I've been obsessed with building a capsule wardrobe-- a closet full of pieces that all work effortlessly with each other. With a much smaller closet and a lot less time to spend on getting ready (aka I prioritized sleep over showering), pairing down my wardrobe has become almost necessary. It has actually made my mornings … Continue reading December~ wearing my wardrobe faves

Style your trench coat dress like a mofo

If you blew big bucks on a trench coat during autumn --a worthy splurge, considering it's one of the 10 wardrobe essentials you'll need for life--why not make it work double duty and try it out as a dress? Traditional trench coats are double-breasted, khaki affairs, stereotypically worn by detectives in black-and-white. and vintage-style, movies. … Continue reading Style your trench coat dress like a mofo

Top social/fashion trend 2017

Ever since Maria Grazia Chiuri sent every single model down the runway topped with a leather beret in Dior’s AW17 show earlier this year, the long abandoned French millinery of choice has been creeping back to the top (quite literally) of every fashionista’s look. There are many modern misconceptions around this classic French cap, known … Continue reading Top social/fashion trend 2017

2 ways to style a skirt suit 

Hello beautiful people!!  Here again hoping you’ve had a great weekend and are all looking forward to having a great week ahead.  This is an official welcome to a new style segment on the blog called Different ways to style . This segment will be exploring different ways to style an outfit. Wearing the same … Continue reading 2 ways to style a skirt suit