Spring Fashion – 2nd Edition

Hello lovelies , Here is an update of a bunch of outfits I've worn over a few weeks and direct details to shop them as well. The Pastels. I've been enjoying wearing pastel colours a lot , it just sets my mood in an outfit plus pastels are really essential in this season anyway. SHOP … Continue reading Spring Fashion – 2nd Edition


Spring Fashion: Edition 1

Hey lovelies, I'm introducing the spring fashion edition over the spring where i share with you all my favourite styles and trends of this season. In today's edition i'll be sharing from polka dots to pastels which are part of the hottest trends for spring. 1. POLKA DOTS Polka dots are having a major moment … Continue reading Spring Fashion: Edition 1

match-made in heaven: pink et Rouge.

With any trend there is always a fine line between fashionable and a fashion disaster, but with colour blocking it’s all about bold, striking and vivid colours blending together… the whole point is to have lots of fun with it. Colour blocking is a thing. Sorry, but it’s going to radically change your life, well, … Continue reading match-made in heaven: pink et Rouge.