Love is the food of the soul

I had this spoken words written for my church’s valentines service. I had to come up with something last minute as I was told a bit late about presenting “spoken words”. Fast forward to Monday , the day after which I presented it, I took time to read it again and deep it properly which gave me a deeper understanding of what I had written. Hence, I’d be sharing it today.


Love i’d say is the food of the soul…..and we all love someone or something. God, our creator, created us out of love, but there is a vast difference in the love of man versus the love of God.

Love for a girl my age is exclusive, while God’s love is inclusive. We tend to love with exceptions, with conditions. God’s love is unconditional

The love of human beings is convergent—we tends to concentrate and focus on one or more persons. The love of God is divergent. It spreads outwards to include everyone and everything in the Universe

My love is often with an agenda—out of fear, or out of a need. God loves simply for the sake of love.

Love to me is of a dualistic nature. There is something that we do which is opposite of love, hate. So we all have people or things we love, and people or things we hate. We rarely know pure love. God on the other hand, is only love. There is no concept of hate in His dictionary

Since the love of man has an opposite quality of hate, we see a lot of conflict in the world. When we can’t love, we ignore, become indifferent, or hate. And when the hatred goes beyond a particular threshold, conflict ensue, both at a personal level and at a global level. When you hate an entire community, religion or country, you land up attacking the whole group but God created us all, hence we are like a droplet of water in the ocean, having the same wetness or saltiness of the ocean….but we do not know that, and wage a war against ourselves.

God is one, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. You know what is the beauty of God’s love? God is non-judgmental, neutral, and non-interfering. Even if He knows his child, man, is making a terrible mistake, He does not block the free will of man. And man is often ever ready to block the free will or choice of those whom he loves if he thinks its harmful.

If there is so much unhappiness, ill health and misery in the world today, it is only because we have not understood the principles or laws of love, as designed by God. We have used our own intellect to develop our own laws based on our biases, fears and prejudices

Starting today, let us become more aware and conscious and see whether every action of yours arises from love, as defined by us, or love as destined by God….and every time choose the love of God over the love of man… will never regret it….and you will always be supported by God.


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