Find your word for the year!


Anyone else feeling the vibes of the new year…. Anyone else feeling that 2018 is gonna be NEXT LEVEL!!! Anyone excited about setting 2018 New Years Resolutions??

There’s just something about 2018 that has me vibing, it feels powerful, it feels fierce and it certainly feels like it’s going to be a big one!

2017 I affectionately nick named ‘The Clean Out Year’ for me. I detoxed a lot in 2017…. Big stuff, stuff I didn’t even know I needed to release. At the time I questioned it all but over time I can see why now. It all makes sense…. Sometimes life works in mysterious ways. It creates opportunities for you whether you like it or not.

Every year most of us start our years with New Years resolutions…. Promises to ourselves to lose weight? Save money? Quit smoking? We begin to focus on ourself again, our directions, our purpose in life. It’s also a time of reflection. Where I’ve been?  What I’ve achieved?  The opportunities I’ve had. I love this time of year. This year I will be choosing a WORD to guide me through the year rather than making a set of rules for myself that realistically I might not get.

Setting a word is a way of manifesting an intention for the year ahead. Rather than imposing another set of rules on yourself, a word inspires and empowers. It will become your personal mantra. You can meditate on it, you can write about it in your journal, but unlike a New Year’s resolution, you can’t break it. It’s neither a set of goals, nor a set of rules. It’s an invitation to feel inspired to do what connects you with yourself.

Think of your word as a motto, a theme, even a mantra. What will the new year be about? How will you nourish yourself? What does your heart need? Where are you headed? Are stepping away from something? Are you stepping towards something? How will the new year bring you closer to living a joyful and authentic life? Or maybe you are on the top of the world right now. How can things get even better for you?



6 thoughts on “Find your word for the year!

  1. Happy new year love!

    I totally agree with you. Last year was the Detox year for me too. It was like a Purge and it was very uncomfortable and challenging but now I feel light and free. I know it was necessary to get rid of the toxic things and people to allow room for the new, the good and the blessings of 2018 which is going to take me to the next level. It also made me stronger and more confident so I thank God.

    I wish you the very best this 2018, stay safe and keep slaying!



    1. Happy new year to you too hun!

      Firstly thank you for stopping by! Secondly , I can totally relate with you. What’s most important is that we now know not to be and how not to be in the same position as we were last year and most importantly we learnt all we needed to learn from the experience to move on.

      Cheers to the best year yet 😘


    1. Yesssss girl !!! I’m feeling it ! Literally Grab that spot! It’s a good word to move with !
      Cheers to the best year yet ! 💕
      Will definitely check the post out , thank you for stopping by !


  2. Happy new year! I also feel 2018 is going to be amazing! It is giving me the best vibes ever!! Last year was all about intentional living, This yeari want to be better, to do better, to live more. To be a bigger and better version of me. Loved this post


    1. Happy new year to you too! I love that word “intentional living “ I can relate with how amazing the it is to live for yourself and go for everything you love and believe in and love without backing down! You’ve already taking the big step trust me, 2018 the year of more and better living for you will be beautiful!
      Cheers to the best year yet 😘


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