Style your trench coat dress like a mofo

If you blew big bucks on a trench coat during autumn –a worthy splurge, considering it’s one of the 10 wardrobe essentials you’ll need for life–why not make it work double duty and try it out as a dress?

Traditional trench coats are double-breasted, khaki affairs, stereotypically worn by detectives in black-and-white. and vintage-style, movies. Modern trench coats can be single breasted, made of leather, brightly colored and feature different styles. Trench coat dresses fit like a regular trench coat above the belt; below the belt, they flare like an A-line skirt to the knees. They are usually khaki, and, despite the name, most women wear them as coats. This doesn’t mean the trench dress has to be boring, though. Double- or single-breasted–either one looks great with most styles.

Wear the trench dress by itself. Pair with brightly colored high-heeled boots, metallic earrings and a wide leather belt. Scrunch up the sleeves a little, and your outfit is complete. Add a camisole and knit shorts underneath for warmth if it’s cold, and remember not to take off your coat. If you don’t have colored boots, wear brown boots with a khaki or brown trench dress and black boots with a black or grey trench dress. You can wear either black or brown with a colored trench like mine.

What do you ladies think of wearing your trench coat as a dress? Have any of you tried it out yet? Would you take on this bold style move, or is it a bit too risque for you? Discuss!


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