Left naked in the street of St. Paul: things always work out in the end 

Things always work out for me in the end. You might get the impression that I am fairly arrogant. I’d like to think (and my friends and family will confirm) that I am the farthest thing from arrogant. But saying that things always work out for me in the end is the best way to describe my life. This doesn’t mean that nothing ever goes wrong for me. Quite the contrary. In fact, many, many things have gone wrong in my life and many more things still do and will in the future. But instead of focusing on those wrongs, I focus on the positive.

On the day I shot this look, I had a visual image of what I wanted to look like: a plaid blazer, plaid pant and cinched waist. My journey to shoot had a master mind of its own , everything was all over the place with so many hitches. Finally arrived the location about 30 minutes later than planned time with my pant RIPPED on both sides! This was most definitely embarrassing because if you know St.Paul you know how busy the area is due tourist attractions and so many offices.

What to do from here?? How do I do this walk of shame???! Did I have a choice ? Googled the closest shop, walked there by all means and picked out this pair of jeans.

 I could put all of my energy into getting mad or frustrated, huffing and puffing. But what’s the point? What will that accomplish? Nothing. In fact, all it will result in is me raising my blood pressure and will waste my valuable time. Instead of focusing on the short-term issue, I focus on the long-term.

Final Thoughts

Do your best to ignore the short-term failures and tough times. Find the positive in them. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. For many years I too got caught up in the moment. I can tell you from experience, that learning to let it go and focus on the long-term is much easier, healthier, and better. Learn to live your live with the belief that things always work out in the end.


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