Catch a Yellow fever 

In the Autumn , it’s so easy to wake up, throw your hands up in the air, and give up. I can’t count how many black and grey turtlenecks I have in my closet. I essentially have a uniform down: distressed jeans, neutral turtleneck, and black booties (or Timberlands for when it’s raining). When I put on a little lipstick and any article of clothing that even has a hint of color, consider it a day that I’ve actually tried to put together an outfit. A day likes this which I wore the colour YELLOW.

“Yellow is about do-or-die” But there’s something very freeing about yellow. When you wear yellow you just have to go for it. While there is no hard science to prove that wearing bright clothing can lift your mood, it’s enjoying such popularity for a reason. We associate yellow with sunshine, joy and confidence. It’s dressing for happiness.  

And, while of course designers have been on this trend for almost a year now, it’s trickled down to larger brands. Bold, confident, and sexy, mustard yellow is definitely a it-hue this season. Don’t be surprised if you see it propping up everywhere!


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