2 ways to style a skirt suit 

Hello beautiful people!! 

Here again hoping you’ve had a great weekend and are all looking forward to having a great week ahead. 

This is an official welcome to a new style segment on the blog called Different ways to style . This segment will be exploring different ways to style an outfit. Wearing the same dress every day is boring but keep changing the way it looks is something very fun to do.

You can easily get a different look every day. It is not even too difficult at all to wear same outfit everyday. There are few staples we all have in our wardrobes and no one can understand the comfort we get by using these.

Today I’d be sharing two ways in which I styled a check skirt suit and the reason why I chose to style them like that. 


This look for me Is the ultimate chic look and what I’d most likely wear to an event. It has a lot of old school vibe going on, which gives it an edge. With red being a must have colour of the season , I had to incorporate it to bring us back to 2017. 


I have a thing for sophisticated looks that I can show up wearing on a casual day and not look over dressed or under dressed. Something I’d feel comfortable to walk anywhere in: that’s what I was thinking when I put this one together. 

I hope you all enjoyed it! Let me know in the comment which look is your fave. 

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