Dear future husband 

I thought I might share an intimate peak into my heart today. 

Dear future husband,

Run…Run as fast as you can…

Just kidding. I swear I’m not that bad. I mean once you get past the point of my excessive breakdowns, schemes to find out where you are and what you’re doing every second of your life, and texts on texts on texts when your replies take over 30 minutes… I promise that, by then, you’ll think I’m pretty awesome.  

I find so much value in writing to you because it says in Proverbs 31:12, ‘she does him good and not evil all the days of her life.’ I can honor you and pour into our marriage before we even meet. Letting you know how I’m specifically praying for you.

Ever since I was a little girl, I envisioned myself living the fairy tale life; celebrating my wedding the most beautiful way possible, in Europe, of course. Or maybe on the sandy beaches of Greece, or in an ancient/incredible cathedral in Prague, or in a totally chic park in London! Okay, okay, maybe my dreams are a little bit too big. I guess a nice church in the area will do, as long as my bridesmaids’ are dressed head to toe in Balmain (not trying to be Kim Kardashian or anything, but, hey, if the shoe fits!) But, when it all comes down to it, my dream wedding really only needs one specific thing: you.

I can only hope that our relationship has grown to be exactly what you’ve always wanted. I hope you’re able to look at me and think, “That’s the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life.” I hope you want to tell your family all about me and I especially hope they love me even half as much as I love you. I don’t want to be the only part of your life, I want to be the part of your life that you always look forward to. I want to be able to cheer you up by making you your favorite dinner dish (and no, that is not a shot at the way women are supposed to feel treated), or give you a back massage if you’ve had a rough day and just need to unwind.

So I ask you to please promise me…

Talk to me and talk often. Promise to always tell me about your day and let me share mine. 

Always laugh with me…and tell me when my jokes don’t make sense. I want to spend the rest of my life with you laughing. 

Lead me closer to God. Remind me why I love Jesus by the simple act of your faith. Be a man of prayer. Pray with me every day and share what God is teaching you, with me. Don’t place bars across your heart. Be honest…even when it’s not popular. 

Care about my interests and ask about my writing ,support me in my dreams. But tell me when I’m stumbling down the wrong path. 

Be my toughest critique and my biggest fan. Surround our home in God’s love, the sound of joy and the ready promise of laughter. Share in the joy of friendship. Take me to church. Love children, especially our children and remind them every night that you do. 

When the storms of life inevitably tremble the timbers of our home and threaten to rattle the foundation of our love, promise to never leave. To never allow the word “divorce” to enter our words, even in jest. 

Find your dream and chase hard in the direction God places you. 

The man I’ve been waiting for my entire life. With all the love I have yet to give,

Your future wife.


16 thoughts on “Dear future husband 

  1. When finally you walk down the ail, of which am confident you will, a confirmation that God has delivered the desires of your heart, That will be a rubber stamp of authority for the beauty, focused, trust, loving and powerful lady you are. your letter is amazing.


  2. Dear Future Wife,

    Dear future wife I’m waiting for you patiently, I wished you’d come sooner so I can hold you gently. As I’m sitting here thinking, I look to the light, I know God’s timing is always right! He knows what is best. His plan is perfect. But when he brings you to me you won’t be an object. That’s not what you are and I’ll treat you with respect. Just trust in God. He has a love you can’t reject. I don’t know who you are, it’s in God’s control, but when he reveals it to me I know you’ll be beautiful. When we finally meet you will know your secure. You will be safe I do ensure. I won’t ever leave your side even through the riptide. Trust in me to provide as we travel worldwide! I will love you forever no matter the weather! God has a plan for us, a plan for greatness. We’ll walk down the path that he calls success! It’s going to be a euphoric moment of years to come to spend my life with you! Knowing God will get us through! So take my hand. As we share God’s love as he has planned. We will go out and help people understand! That now is the time to take a stand! For His love and grace that is hard to withstand! I can’t wait to start, my life with you. You have my heart, loyal and true! We will live our life and great things we will achieve. Dear future wife I will never leave your side.


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