Life update 101, what you saying ?

Hey my lovely readers,

It's that time for a life update lol! Gotten a couple of emails asking why I haven't been putting up fashion posts lately. Well, that's because I'm working on a post where I would be featuring all my looks from this summer and my holiday looks as well. So shall we call it a look book ? Yeah I guess.

My brand "Shewajay" turned two in August and I must say I'm quite excited about how well my brand is doing , thanks to the support I get from every one of you rooting for me. I've been opportune to work with luxury , high street and lifestyle brands that I love. It's been and still is such an exciting journey for me.

Let's talk about all the mistakes I've made and we make , which make us feel like we aren't good enough. I've learned and I'm willing to share that , it's okay to make those mistakes but what is important is that we learn the lesson/ lessons that are to be learnt in the process of making these mistakes. This is what prepares us for the bigger picture and helps us handle things better when we're at that stage where we'd like to be.

Worked on my first ever short film with some creatives to celebrate my 2 year anniversary. It's currently still in works lol! I would be publishing that on here when it's out . At the point of shooting this film, I realised that acting ain't that easy *lmao* it was such a long process , I kept on asking "have we gotten something? Are we done ?" I was so tired of being on set for hours. In conclusion, photography is my comfort zone but if any opportunity ever comes for acting , ummmm why not if it's paying good money? LOL

Started an Instagram store where I sell unique pieces I love. Please check it out DressHubLondon and your support will be highly appreciated. Just in case you're wondering where my dress is from , it's from my store. Can be shopped when you click the link I left.

Currently in between sorting my outfits for African fashion week London. Who else will I be seeing there ? Can't wait to meet the lovely organisers and designers as I'd be attending as press for my brand.

Bye for now.


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