Dare to dream!

Do you really dare to dream? We all like to let our imagination go from time to time and dream of a nice holiday, a new house or a better job. Sometimes we even dream of another life, a life in which we can truly be ourselves, that fits who we are or want to be. But usually this doesn’t get very concrete. Very quickly all sorts of obstacles pop up: not enough money, not enough time, pity that I didn’t take the right studies, and so on.

These obstacles come quite naturally, we don’t have to make an effort to conjure them up. They are like a kind of mental ” stop” signs that suddenly appear everywhere. Obstacles often come in the form of a “yes, but”. “Yes, but I cannot just give up my job.”, ”Yes, but I won’t make any money that way.” or “Yes, but I can’t change myself.” These – often very stereotypical – obstacles obviously stand in the way of realizing our dreams, but what is worse, often they even make sure that we do not even really start dreaming.

A person who dreams big is an ordinary person. What makes them extraordinary is that they find the courage, heart, and discipline to make that dream come true.
The problem is that we forget that we can do the same. Within each of us is a core of goodness, wisdom, and heart that has been there from the start. Yet as the years go by disappointment and criticism turn into fears, doubts, and anxieties that obscure this essence. Then of course we can’t go out in public with our inadequacies hanging out, so we hide them behind our I’m happy, just fine face.

Soon our spirit becomes hidden, and we can forget that it even exists. How to we break out? Well, the good news is that it doesn’t take years of therapy or digesting self-help books.

You don’t have to understand your pain or your past to break out. Just dare to dream big and then commit to making it happen and having it matter. Your commitment doesn’t care about your self-doubt or that you’re too busy — it hasn’t got time for that stuff. It’s fully engaged in making your dream come true.

Why dare to dream big?

Because the world needs you to put your gifts to work — we’re in a mess and we need your help. Everything and everybody counts. Plus dreaming big is the fastest track to personal transformation and learning to make the next big dream come true.

Besides we’ve been wasting a lot of time playing the victim and pointing the finger, myself included. Talking back to the television may give us some satisfaction, but it’s not making a darn bit of difference.

On the other hand, there’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you achieve something you really didn’t think was possible, is there?

So if you dare to dream big, what would the dream be? I bet you know the answer. I encourage you to stretch as far as you can imagine — not only will you survive, you will thrive because when you take a stand the world around you lines up with you, just as it has for me.
As you think about your next dream, here’s some inspiration to help you along the way.

I’d love to hear about your big dream. Leave a comment below, or write directly to me business.shewajay@gmail.com



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