Put your talent to use, they’re worth it!

So you’re stuck, huh? Welcome to the crowd. With constant peer pressure from social media to define ourselves in 140 characters or less, it’s no surprise we actually get lost in the shuffle. But once we get away from those glowing screens of identity-makers, how do we decide what our strengths are and how to use them?

Everyday, people just like you take charge of their destiny mode committing to their dreams and being bold in the pursuit. Are you brave enough to use your hidden talents? Or have you buried yours like the man in the Bible? He was too scared to use the one he was given. Sometimes, you stay in a job that is not giving you any fulfillment. Why? Because you’re too scared to step out of your comfort zone, identifying your talent or talents and using them. But is that what you’re supposed to do? What if you lose out on a better quality of life by not taking the action?

Everyone has talent or talents, but sometimes we find it hard to identify what we’re good at. What are you good at? Have you got any hobbies? What do you naturally enjoy doing? What are your skills? 

What you need to do is:

  1. Write down your vision – In Habakkuk 2:2 it Says write your vision. Write in simple language so you and others can understand it easily. There’s something about writing down your vision. It gives you focus and a goal to work towards.seeing your goal on paper will inspire you as you work towards achieving them. Also, commit your vision to God.
  2. Turn your skills into ideas for business – Turn your skills into ideas for business. After you’ve figured out what you’re good at and enjoy doing, the next step is to pray about it, then develop one of those skills. It’s best to focus on one instead of them all. You could have multiple talents like hairdressing, singing, sewing, mentoring, caring for others, etc. Choose one of your talent and perfect it. Unless you’re able to combine them.
  3. Take a leap of faith and step out – The next step is to set up your business. Don’t forget, in everything you do, consult God end commit your plans to him. By doing that you’re putting him in control and your ventures will likely to be successful. That was a lesson I learned not too Long ago. Put him first and every other thing will fall in place.

    So aside from cooking jollof rice 😂, I’ve always known for about 10 years now that I like to write, inspire people and very strongly care about how I look (style wise). Stepping out was the best thing I could have done for myself. 

    What’s great about talent is that we are born with them. So don’t let yourself be fooled by the need for an extensive eduction program before venturing out on your own.

    I’ve had friends tell me they were/are “waiting to find the killer idea of the century” to start their own venture. But many businesses have become very successful by improving the existing. This means that there are plenty of opportunities out there to shine, without having to invent the next space shuttle (which, admitted, would be pretty awesome)

    The world is awaiting you. 

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        7 thoughts on “Put your talent to use, they’re worth it!

        1. This is amazing and very inspiring too. I totally agree. One doesn’t need to have the absolute world or that killer idea to be successful in what they are doing. I like what you said too, that many people have become successfull by capitalising and working on the businesses already existing. We all have talents and if don’t use them, they’ll lay there. Best thing to do is use them and nurture them.

          Loving that shirt babe. I think I need one too.



        2. Loved reading this. May I add that after one has found that which theis are good at..they could test the waters by perfecting their skills offering their services even for free sometimes just to garner cash midden was and quality. Once you’re in point with your stuff, the money will come.

          metrogypsie.org 💋


        3. You said everything needed to be said, you blow my mind literally with this post. This century is filled with people running under another person shade and we are afraid of what people would say that we’ve become but the good comfort zone is killing us but we prefer dying without exploring our hidden talents including me, I’m going back to my board and I’m gonna start exploring all as possible. Thanks Shewa.


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