Shewjay x Abbienaija

This collaboration is with the funniest chick I’ve ever met ( we literally say the most hilarious things) Luckily she’s someone’s who’s dear to my heart.

With me on this one is fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger “Abimbola” of abbienaija We collaborated to bring our beautiful female readers fun looks to hit the street  for summer’17. We had a denim party and a vertical stripe affair! 

I hope you love these fun looks. Be sure to check out Abimbolas female empowerment series on her blog . She also shares helpful tips on how to start a blog, keep it running and monetising it. 

Shop my looks on  Zaful and get money off when you use my code “Shewajay” to get money off your order. You can also get 15% off Daniel Wellington watches using my discount code “SHEWAJAY15”. Not leaving out you can get £15 off your uber journey using my discount code “SHEWAJAY”

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Check Link to shop Abis outfit above.


9 thoughts on “Shewjay x Abbienaija

  1. U r both gorgeous. I love how u look in ur dresses, and Abimbolas hair is awesome. Ur both so pretty u look gorgeous together. I always love ur collabs. x x x


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