From the supermarket to a lunch date. 

This was about the only striped piece of clothing in my wardrobe for a year, which I find really weird because I love how I look in stripes! The confident look it adds to an outfit cannot be overemphasised! 

I’m enjoying my laid back street style this season. Throwing  outfits together that can take me to uni, to the supermarket or out on a casual lunch.

Paradoxically, this is often more difficult than picking out your dress for a black tie event: there is a real art to coordinating a relaxed ensemble. The line you need to walk is very fine; it’s easy to overbalance and end up in sweat pants or to fall in the other direction and land up wearing something inappropriately dressy.

What works for me are some wardrobe staples for this season such as a biker jacket, wide leg pants, jeans, tees, maxi/midi dresses , trainers and loafers/slippers. Styling around these essentials become easy , you can try it out if you have an itch for styling laid back pieces.
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