A good girl from the 90’s

How did pleated skirts become so fashionable?? They used to be an outfit for the sisters in church and back to school looks. How are we now screaming “pleats please”??  Gucci did this damn ting again by bringing them to the catwalk. Do you need any more reasons to bring the pleated skirt to the top of your spring wardrobe wish list? 

In this brave new world of skirts, the pleat semantics are a minefield.  I have the “retro pleats” on , they are many more for you to try such as;

The knife pleat

The metallic pleat The micro  pleatThe strictly pleat 

The prep school pleat 

The good girl in me on that day also had a pretty African print journal from Gazelle. I really love it because it gives me the opportunity to keep tabs of my day and also write the highlights of my day. I take it everywhere!! Link to grab yours will be below. 

                         SHOP THIS LOOK






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