A pop of colour or maybe not.

Happy Easter to all my consistent readers! The rest of you can get yours somewhere else (hahahaha it’s a joke) Happy Easter to everyone reading this post!! More of Gods blessings! 

“A pop of colour” was  needed to make this outfit pop due the dark colours I paired together. I didn’t want a colour that would outshine the main focus which was layering a tulle dress. 

I opted for royal blue because of its unique shade and elegance, also because it’s not a very bright colour. It worked perfectly for the job! 

Wearing a tulle is a thing this season, wether it be a skirt or dress. I’ve taken my spot on the trend! Who else is taking a spot?

Sammy dresses jacket (shop here)
Zaful tulle dress (shop here)
New look mule sold out (shop similar here)
Chanel bag 

Jeans oldie


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