Shewajay x ennyoh

I finally met up with Enny of and we decided to create some magic!! (Cliché)

We took a turn on the leather skirt x balloon sleeve trend. Balloon sleeves are a huge this season if you didn’t already know that. 

The statement sleeve is one of this season’s biggest trends, and the perfect way to add drama and break the sense of clothing monotony that’s common at this time of year. 

Leather skirts and pants are good transitional pieces for your wardrobe. Upon first glance, this length can appear to be a little hard to wear, but there’s something comforting and plain old practical about it. 

Please check out for her women with the clutch series (your girls on it). 

My outfit deets

Shop blouse (here)
Shop bag (here)

 Shop leather skirt (here)

Zara heels oldie 
Ennys outfit deets 

Shop Zara blouse (here)
Shop missguided leather skirt (here)
New look shoes 

French connection purse 


14 thoughts on “Shewajay x ennyoh

  1. This is AWESOME!! You both look so gorgeous together (don’t tell ur friend, youre the cute one tho.. 😉 ) The pictures are amazing and I really like both your outfits. You look so friggin sexy in that skirt and those heels. 😉 Those legs tho- wow!! lol Seriously tho I bet u both looked so darn sexy walking down the street, I wish I was there to see u own it. I hope u do more collabs like this. Oh and your lips are beautiful. 😉 x oxox x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is gorgeous!! The leather skirts are just out of this world 😍😍
    Oh and your legs are just darn beautiful 🔥🔥
    Don’t let me even get started in both y’all poises.
    Let me come and be going before I write a long epistle 😩

    Liked by 2 people

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