Some Edge.

Puffer jackets have been a uniform in London this winter. They are very edgy and trendy! Can my girls relate to the badass feeling of flipping on your puffer after getting dressed? I feel like that every single time i throw on a puffer.

I opted for this Capri ruffled pant and fishnet tight to add more edge to this look. Even more edge with the blue mule and patched bag.

So, how exactly does one take their fashion from flat to exciting? Step outside your comfort zone with confidence and have fun. Wear something because it makes you happy; not for its relevancy. Looking to be inspired by edginess ?

Edge can be about irregular or unusual pieces that have an edgy effect all on their own. But you can also create an edgy look by combining conventional pieces in unconventional ways, especially when the colours are interesting. This is part of a larger point that I like to shout from the rooftops: it’s HOW you wear an item that makes the difference, and not necessarily the style of the piece itself.

New look puffer jacket (shop exact here)

Zaful ruffled cuffs pant (shop exact here)

New look mule (shop exact here)
Zaful patchwork bag (shop exact here)

Tights from Amazon market place.


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