What is your fashion personality??

There are some of us who are not afraid to  be edgy and some who prefer a lady like way of dressing. No matter what signature look we go for as ladies, we have all found a style we feel confident in. What matters most is to be secure in the clothes we wear!

Now some people question  “how do i develop or find my style ??”

1. The most important thing is to be true to yourself. It all comes down to feeling good in your own skin- your style should reflect on your life , individuality and personality.

2. Own your style and embrace it as a way to express who you are and who you want to be.

3. Seek inspiration. Now we all can’t relate to everyone’s style. I don’t expect that everyone can relate to my style as I can’t relate to some people’s style as well- not everyone can rock a two piece suit , some of us wear classic pants with tees better.

4. Do not be ashamed to simulate- you like an individuals style? Feel free to simulate.

5. Clean up and clean out- toss out pieces you haven’t work in over a year. Then begin to rebuild and refine your wardrobe with a style that truly reflects you.

6. Finally take your lifestyle and goals into consideration.

I have a timeless sense of style- It means i wear what looks good on me , and that I  know how to work with what I’ve got and flaunt it without looking like victim of fashion (aka trying too hard). I also follow the current fashion trends but with a critical eye.

All I’m saying is that if you attempt to wear something that isn’t you, it’ll end up looking awkward, no matter how fabulous your outfit is. It won’t look good because of the person who is wearing it isn’t shining through it. It’ll just look like another piece on a lifeless mannequin.

What’s your style? Let me know in the comment section please 😘

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12 thoughts on “What is your fashion personality??

  1. Please are boys allowed? 🙋
    I will talk anyway 😜
    My style is something I can feel confident in, I love classic looks and I love casual looks, matter of fact, I like I can pull any look (I’m just too broke atm to try them all😩)

    I have a question, being shy about a particular style (even after wearing it) does this mean that’s not your style?


    1. So to your question. I believe whenever you wear something you really like you’d feel yourself like “Rah is this me?” But if if you are shy about it then rechecking what you’ve put on needs to set in.


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