Antique rose

Antique rose brings something fresh to the traditional range of pinks. As a mid-tone, the colour is fully saturated and looks best when paired with delicate materials.

Throw out all the attributes you used to associate with pink, because it’s gone through something of a transformation. In our eyes, pink still represents femininity, but a daring, confident brand of femininity. Pink doesn’t blend in with the crowd; it’s the single hue women are opting for when they want to stand out.

Pink is still a trend in 2017 as it was a trend in 2016 spotted at New York fashion week when we noticed the hue was an ongoing trend , followed in London where the colour made a number of runway appearances. Pink still reigned in Paris fashion week as it did at Lagos design and fashion week.

Wear Pink, specifically – Despite what Pantone says, pink is the color for 2017.

Jumper (shop exact here)
Skirt (shop exact here)
Bag (shop exact here)
Ego heels (shop exact here)
Choker (shop exact here)

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