Highway to Your sassy.

I have decided to name the Pant trouser in this post “sassy”even though its original name is Behati.

The kind that you step out and everyone is staring at you like “god damn”. I admired this KAI collective trouser for months before I finally owned pair. The silky texture , the colour, cut, rise and shape altogether gives it sleek look.

The most interesting part is how this trouser can totally  be dressed down with a pair tee shirt (wore for drinks on birthday) and how you can proper dress it up to look very chic!

Most ladies can relate to having a good pair of high waisted trouser; that’s how I feel about Behati. Direct link to shop Behati before it runs out of stock will be left below.

Kai Behati pant (shop here)
Asos bodysuit oldie

Threexvi ribbon choker (shop here)

Zara sandal oldie



13 thoughts on “Highway to Your sassy.

  1. God Damn!! Fo real!! Ur a$$ looks AMAZING in these trousers!! lol. I mean they just look REALLY good on u, front and back. U are working it!! 😉 😉 x x xx


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