1st of December!! Join in the rants 

Hello lovelies, I hope y’all are having a great week! The year is almost over and I have so much to be thankful for. I am also very thankful for the constant love and support you my beautiful readers show me, to say thank you I would be having several giveaways before the year runs out.

I just want to rant and rant in this session lol not talk about fashion but still show pictures and give outfit details.

Few weeks ago I kept on bumping into blind people with their guide dogs everywhere. I nearly burst into tears on one occasion , I simply was overwhelmed at how much God protects us and guides us through life. It’s amazing.

Also this week Toke Makinwa launched her book “on becoming”. I am extremely happy for her because I just genuinely admire her despite her struggles, she has fearlessly kept her head high. I don’t know how you feel about her but she’s getting the shmoney and I’m happy for her. Bought the book on IBooks for £4.99 today, can’t wait to read it.

I wish there could be live writing you know. Where you guys read live as I type. It would be pretty nice to have that feature. I should probably get a vlog because asides fashion , I enjoy inspiring people with my experiences and ranting about a lot of things in general.

What do you think ?! Should I start my YouTube channel or should I just write and write ? Lol

I want to write more but I want an interactive chat but I don’t have the feature yet lol

Asos dress
Daddy’s jacket

Asos Oldie belt
Neiman Marcus Bag

Just continued writing the day after. I like the fact that I’m not writing this post the same day. Looking back at the beginning of this year, the one thing I kept on asking God for “Let your Grace reflect in my life”. As months went on I had series of conversations with different people about our sole purpose in life which Is baring fruits for God John 15:8. I think it’s disturbing that a lot of us do not even know our sole purpose, that’s why I have taken nothing from my time to at least state it in this post for people who have never heard of it. I started to see and feel his grace the moment I realised and started to bare fruits. Want to look like Grace , speak Graciousy, act Gracefully , live a Gracious life ???? All you need do is begin to bare fruits for God.

Between guys , I also have a problem with the prices put on made in Nigeria fashion wears. I genuinely think it’s ridiculous, are you trying to become a millionaire in a day ? I mean they are amazing pieces and I know so much time and sweat has gone into the production but seriously designers ?? Please don’t take away all our money.

I’m going to end this here before it becomes a story book. Until next time xx


16 thoughts on “1st of December!! Join in the rants 

  1. Girl can’t wait for the giveaway !! You barely write lifestyle posts but when you do 🔨🔨 you hit it right. So a YouTube might just work better for lifestyle


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