Following everything I believe in. 

I can confidently say I’m not in the same place I was last year, two years ago or even earlier this year. Now what changed is my realisation that life is a continuous struggle and to do well , one has to keep fighting the battle , waking up strong everyday ready to face what life throws at you.

I fully understand now that I’m not the only one going through something or a phase in life. Underneath the positive attitude and happy faces, we all have something going on. The beginning of setbacks would be letting the negative energy consume you.

Now what distinguishes us from these people who allow themselves drown in this phase.

  1. Believing in the sweet influence of the holyspirit 🔑
  2. The ability and willingness to do more ; putting in more effort in whatever we do.
  3. The understanding that nobody is perfect. The fact you are going through a phase doesn’t make you less significant .(The next person is also dealing with something)
  4. Let go of the negative energy. Learn to encourage people. You want to be better ? Cheer them up so that you can get cheered as well.
  5. Getting enough rest if you are tired. Don’t give up.
  6. Surround yourself with people who can impact you positively. Build a healthy relationship with them.
  7. Going for everything you want. Never be afraid to acknowledge what you want because you fear what people might think.
  8. Think of how to expand on whatever you are doing.
  9. Give it time.
  10. Never leave God out.

Next shirt
Primark jeans

Asos belt
CK purse
Pretty little thing Choker
Ego boot


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