Made it twice !!!

This jumpsuit which I took off my friend used to be one of my favourites. It’s the second time it’s making it to the blog. I styled this jumpsuit sometime in 2015.

This time I’ve paired it with one of my autumn/winter favourite open jacket . I did this because the weather is cold now lol but majorly to give it a subtle look. The jumpsuit is on the very edgy and occasional side. It can be worn to a wedding , birthday and many more events. As it was I wasn’t going to an event , so I wanted the look calm.

Have you noticed my tote bag ? Lol 😝 it’s my first ever big bag. It really worked for the look I wanted because small bags are quite dressy. Meanwhile this tote bag just made it look like  an everyday style. I’ve been doing well with the bag , just in case you’re wondering. I stuff everything in it , my laptop, books , make up bag ( I will wreck it soon 😩)

Had to give my mule a farewell till the weather starts warming up again.

Jumpsuit given to me by a friend

Newman Marcus bag

Truffle collection mule

Next Open jacket


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