As promised 

Whoever is reading this post right now is a very beautiful person, inward and outward. You’re so beautifully made by God , no one can phantom your beauty , neither can your beauty be overemphasised. 💫

Remember I said I would make another post of a recycled outfit??? I tried to put up a post for it earlier but I really wasn’t feeling the pictures, one of them bad days and thing. I promise to do a re-shoot for that outfit.

I raided my cousins wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit her anymore on Tuesday. She’s got a baby bump growing so I was in luck *LOL* ( I’m sorry Eni)

It was so difficult for her to let go of this particular dress because she really likes it, but I took it anyway after myself and Yazmine had both tried on the dress to see who it fit better. To be very honest and fair , it looked quite nice on yaz, even better than it looked on me but she gave up the dress for me 👏🏿👌🏾

Fashion Union dress

Zara heels sold out *oldie*

Newlook bag

Asos hat

My newest favourite thing is the newlook sling bag , trust me to carry it everyday till the end of it *tears* . I’m not a fan of big bags. I don’t own any for now.

This post is courtesy of my cousin who asked me to blog the dress she really likes ❤️. Have a lovely week on and a great weekend 💫


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