Recycling Clothes 101 

Didn’t we just start this year few days ago ??! Lol! It’s amazing how this year has gone by so fast with so many blessings. I hope y’all have at least a blessing to be thankful for ??

On to the blog post now. I’m going to tell you all one of my little secret. I have five older sisters, well that’s not news, let alone being a secret. I recycle their clothes 40% of the time . Now with fashion, clothes trend, leave the trend and come back in trend years after. The dress I wore was given to me by my eldest sister who’s in her mid 30’s, she owned the dress since her early 20’s.

I’m sure some of you are thinking what I used to think growing up. “Why do you still have clothes you wore such a long time ago??.   I asked her that question, she said to me ” “I spend money to buy very good clothes so that my younger sisters can have them when I wear them no more.” They don’t give their clothes, shoes , bags and everything out, sell them or give to charity because they have me to give Lool. I’m a little lucky.

My sisters are fashion enthusiast like me, we all got from our mum !!LMAO! Bottom line there ain’t nothing wrong with recycled clothes if they still look very nice , do you always want to be spending money on clothes like a ‘werey’??! Lol joke!

In my next series of posts , I’d be sharing other recycled outfits which I obtained from my sisters lol.

Next dress sold out

Newlook shoes

Zara bag .


13 thoughts on “Recycling Clothes 101 

  1. This is an example of ‘spend less, save more’. I mean c’mon who would hve guessed that recycled clothes could look this chic with so little effort? The joys of sisterhood! Lool well done bae keep slaying 😘


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