Hello lovelies,

Here again, writing my blog post like a letter lol.

In this look I have paired a very beautiful skirt with a simple top because I wasn’t exactly going out lol! This Zara  skirt is well detailed with a front side slit, which makes it very edgy.

Can be worn simply like I did. I really like to keep my looks simple to avoid looking tacky . This doesn’t mean the skirt cannot be spiced up with a nice chiffon top, body suit or even a shirt if going for an occasion where you want to look elegant.

I would say not to pair up with a lace blouse as it would look tacky and wrong ,the denim skirt has enough detailing on it. My best advice would be to keep the dressy look on a simple side.

That jacket wasn’t a part of the look I planned, but I can’t help but commend how well it worked. The weather was a bit cold because it had just rained , so I thought why not hold “my wear everyday primark denim jacket”.

Lastly, I have to commend my photographer. He killed it! Yay or Nay?! Yay yay for me, don’t know about you but !!!! He’s a fashion photographer in London , anybody interested can hit him up on ig @myeyeswide or send an email to jamieroberts1979@hotmail.co.uk for inquiry and bookings.

Have a nice week or weekend !?! Lol anyone that suits best. Details of outfit below xx

Crop top from H&M.

Sunnies from hawkersco.co.uk 20% off when you use my coupon HCUK20G.

Skirt from Zara

Sandal heels from Zara (sold out).

Demim primark jacket.

Chanel bag.



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