Laid back can be stylish 

Hello lovelies, so I’m back apologising again for not updating the blog. I was insecure about my body x__x. I got chicken pox from my nephew ( it’s horrible as an adult). Guys I literally would never wish this upon anybody it’s horrible. Okay so I was insecure about the scars it left on my body,it was extreme bad timing because it’s summer time and thing. 

Made me reluctant to take any pictures or even dress how I wanted, quite sad. But guess what guys ? I’m over it and luckily they are fading really quick. I wasn’t comfortable leaving the blog dormant. Let’s talk some style change. 

I figured recently my style has changed a lot, I find myself wanting to wear less body hugging cloths and more free and laid back outfits. Does this happen to everyone?? So I’m either wearing a shift dress, oversized tees or shirt, cullote, wide leg Pant or a maxi dress. 

I was thinking is this outfit worth posting ? But then I thought it’s my style, can’t be the same as any other persons, so why not ??? Enjoy the post loves 💋💋

New look denim shirt 

Newlook cullotte 

Hawkers Sunnies, 20% off using my discount code HCUK20G

Adidas original kicks 

Nine West bag 


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