Little things diminish our culture 


So this post in every way affects me the author as well because I plead guilty. Few days ago on a Tuesday, I knew I had to prepare a fashion post for the blog. I picked an Ankara print skirt to wear and trust me in my head I was like “I’m going to post this on Friday” Now the question is why?? Because Ankara is a traditional wear in Africa? Or because we’ve limited ourselves to wearing trads just on Fridays and Sunday’s ?? It doesn’t fit as day to day cloth?? All of these questions I asked myself and couldn’t give an answer! Hoping my beautiful readers would have some answers. 

Its not just about the clothing aspect, our languages as well. To be fair I’m not so sure about other African countries but in Nigeria just few tribes actually embrace their languages. It’s a beautiful thing to be educated and able to speak English fluently but why throw away our languages. Funny thing, these days you find an African person who wasn’t even born in England speaking English more than the British man ( bruhh!!). You have to respect the Asians on this one, so much respect for their culture and values. 

So dear guys I’m guilty as well but it’s definitely something to give a good thinking to. And please leave your answers in the comment box. Thank you.

Ankara tailored skirt 

H&M tee

Adidas Stan smith.


10 thoughts on “Little things diminish our culture 

  1. Yeah I agree too, it’s really quite difficult to hang on to your culture most especially when you don’t even reside in your country. But then people shouldn’t get carried away and should always remember where they come from regardless the environment they find themselves! Nice write-up


  2. For language, I don’t feel comfortable speaking Yoruba to people I’m not close to. It just doesn’t flow, I don’t know why.

    Regarding our trads, I guess we’ve just been programmed that way.


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