Ss15 flares trending better in 2016

In these recent times, skinny trousers rarely cross my thoughts. I’m obsessed with flare pants, they have taken over. Now we see so many people at events rocking flare pants, they just do it better than skinny trousers at least for now , perhaps that might change later. 

They are ss15 trends still trendy or better worn in 2016. Tired of wearing dresses to occasions? A mega flares would do justice! 

And who would we be to talk flared trousers without mentioning the easiest way to tap the trend – jeans? Gucci revisited its Seventies archives with an entire collection of bellbottom jeans in vintage look washes. Topshop, meanwhile, has come first in the race to the high street.

And if you still need some gentle persuasion to jump aboard and dare to flare, then definitely make the high street your starting point, as literally every one of your favourite stores has tapped into the trend (a good indication these trousers are set to run and run). Most have opted for the aforementioned fabric of choice, failsafe denim. So for minimum risk but maximum style points, don’t delay your purchase – no one wants to hear the dreaded words ‘sold out’! 

Bodysuit from river island.

Flare jeans from H&M (sales on)

Chanel bag 

Primark heels 


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