Beauty of stripes 

Do you just wear striped cloths and just feel you have done very well with the outfit?? Now the thing with stripes, you need not to put in so much effort to make the outfit bang, it pretty much does the job in the sense that it keeps you looking elegant.

 You can go wrong with stripes if you aren’t careful, it is not a design that needs so much accessorising otherwise you’d end up looking tacky and we definitely do not want that.

Let’s feel free to dare a double striped outfit, it’s easier these days as they now come in a two piece set. So striped shirts, tees, skirts, pants and dresses are a YES!Do not forget not to accessorise too much,that’s a NO!

Crop top from H&M

Pants from select,shop similar from Zara and Bohoo

Bag from Zara 

Sandal heels from Zara 


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