Story time 


So I’m back to story time! There won’t be lifestlye post next week because my holiday is drawing to an end sadly but definitely stay tuned for style post.

As you all know already I’m one of those people who trust to a fault and believes in giving opportunities and second Chances, trust me when I say I’ve been taken advantage of because some people consider it a weakness.

It’s kind of embarrassing to be telling this story tho but i won’t want people to make the same mistakes I made. I had this “one friend”, one of those people to never have associated with but still would because I believe in giving chances. 

This ”one friend” played a smart one on me, like never have I thought someone you consider dear would hurt you relentlessly not even with an atom of fear for God lol!

I trusted “one friend” with my money and bank card details,things people don’t do but as usual miss trusting did. And of course “one friend” thought “oh how naive she is” (a weakness) took the opportunity and ripped me off my money and was using my card to pay for things and blocked me off every means of communication.

I mean I reported to the police but seriously? Wouldn’t it have just been more appropriate to say “oh I’m sorry, something came up and I had to use your money” I mean might have been mad but at least I know you told me something genuine and I have human feelings.

The thing that tripped me the most was “one friend” thought so low of what to do and decided “why not rant nonsense on social media so people don’t believe her”. In this day and time only people with so much hate and no job sit on social media to compose lies to tell others, no sensible person would believe you. I have been taken advantage of as well, and I’ve learnt, nobody is above mistakes. Limit your trust, I’m not saying don’t trust but have boundaries. Xx


8 thoughts on “Story time 

  1. Dear shewajay,

    Thank yoy for this usefull and excited post. It is really helpfull for me to understand the social media and friendships. Thank you for always being by my side! Cant wait for next post.

    Mijua x


  2. Thanks for sharing . You were only trying to follow Jesus footsteps by doing good but ofcourse the root of evil is money and this is a classic case.. keep doing good when needed …Don’t let the evil of this word dilute your meekness.


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