Myopic experience. 

During this shoot the scariest shit ever happened! A Jamaican man who looked haggard walked up to my friends and I trying to photobomb. 

I thought he was just wasted but my friends weren’t so comfortable with him around, one of my friends go ”what if he wants to steal from us?” Naively I answered saying I doubt but let’s just pack up our stuff and leave. 

On our way out we reported to security. They found him and discovered a knife in his jacket. Now my accommodating attitude towards the stranger might have cost us something negative. I’m just so thankful for the wise friends who had been so cautious. 

Note to self: never trust anybody except God. I have another experience which followed up after this, would tell you all about it on the next post. 

New look cullotes

Asos bodysuit 

Asos hat

Linzi shoes

Zara bag


7 thoughts on “Myopic experience. 

  1. Gorgeous… Pretty….. Perfect….. Cant say more than this…. Ambition and pretty face… Did it gurl did it… Proud visitor..

    Normie x


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