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It’s the first interview on and would be featuring Lize Okoh on her journey as a blogger so far.

Please introduce yourself;
”I’m Lize Okoh of I’m a writer and a content producer, also a photography enthusiast. I have been blogging for two years now.”

So what motivated you to go into blogging?
”I started as a content producer working for a company on a project, after the project was completed there was a gap before my next employment. So I thought to do it on my own,I couldn’t stop writing because i do not work for the company anymore. I came up with an online portfolio of more fictions to tell, along the line I realized how much I had so many travel pictures from my tours (I love traveling). I love to do things well and nice so I thought again why not put them as a part of my website since I have been getting questions about how to get to a particular place and ticket details.”

How did interviewing people come about?
”I got inspired from people talking about their businesses and how to be an entrepreneur at networking events. I decided I was going to interview people to inspire new entrepreneurs or people looking to start a business. This was how I came about a series of interview, after a while I realised my website has become more of a blog than a creative writing site.”


Quite inspiring! How did you stumble upon photography?
” I have always loved photography, I always used it to capture moments in my life for my personal memory. I had a lot of albums from my secondary school days even from the days of negatives, I had one of those cameras.
I quickly realized how people are more interested in visuals than writing. I put the skill I have into blogging, I like to keep people entertained with visuals when I write so they don’t get bored of reading.”

Great! Has it been easy?
“Well idea generation has never been difficult. What I find difficult is outside of my control; readership! For a while I wasn’t getting a lot of readers and it weighed me down, but immediately I remind myself I have only just started. I enjoy when people can connect with my posts and writings. It is definitely a whole lot better now.”

Of course it is! noticed people leave great comments on your blog posts! Has social media been helpful?
” oh yes it has, I have been inspired by what others are doing, also with connecting. I have been able to connect with so many people in my area of interest.

What advice can you give to people who intend to go into blogging, also young bloggers?
” I will say you need to know what you are blogging about and also who your readers are. Basically you need to know your main focus.
Buy yourself a domain name and a nice theme if you can afford it. If you want to be top notch, this is important. I believe that if you can buy yourself a £60 bag,then you should be able to make what you do look good because it will last you a life time.
Try to use your social media, try to use good quality pictures as well, lastly make sure you have a clean theme, be conscious of what you post.

It’s amazing to see young people being entrepreneurs, mixing their educational life or work life with their business.
Hope Lize Okoh has been a source of inspiration to us. Thanks for reading


13 thoughts on “Lize Okoh of

  1. Shew and Lizliz! Two beautiful women.. Insporational and educational writings… Long journey, long distance.. You did it girls.. Fame is part of you guys now.. Live it.. Dopest interwiev. Thanks to provide me this service.

    Matilda Kinkoroi


  2. “Inspiring” is an understatement compared to how enthralled I am by the life of Lize.
    In a world that concludes that women do not know what they want, she has understood and uplifted herself( Shewajay too)….. Thank you both for the motivation. You just sowed a seed of encouragement in my life…


    1. Wow that’s an amazing compliment. I’m glad to have inspired you, that’s always been the goal of 🙂
      I hope to shine my light for other women to find their path too.


  3. Its important that we all know our areas of interest nd purpose in life. This is amazing and it will really go a long way in inspiring others. Thanks guys.


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