Welcome babes

Hello babes,
Warm welcome to shewajay.com : where you can find distinctive fashionable tips and an inspiring lifestyle post.


Bringing this to reality has been a long journey for me and its thanks to y’all for your love and support . I can say its going to be great.
I have worked with 3 different brands and its to helped me to improve my personal shopping and styling skills .For enquires my email can be found on my homepage
I’m going to be working with different youtubers and fashion bloggers to let you know the latest fashion trends and on the other hand I’m going be sharing my weekly fashion tips with you babes. I’m also going to be sharing special promotion codes for only my subscribers to get discounts from different websites.
Stay tuned babes and do not forget to subscribe as you visit the page, I would appreciate your comments as well .





Dress: Newlook, you can shop similar dress from H&M and Primark
Shoes: Linzi
Bag: chanel


10 thoughts on “Welcome babes

  1. Slaying beauty, followed you for a long time.. One of the oldest visitor of this journey.. Proud of you.. Stay real, stay dope.. You did it girl.. Proud asian girl

    Garlisce x


  2. Love your page and effort about improve your website.. I’ve got good links to open you new doors.. You’re shining. Take care and check ur mail box.

    Shamar Guilden.


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